Letter of Credit:
Irrevocable, confirmed and transferable or non-Transferable Letter of Credit  payable at sight against shipping documents plus all related documents issued by 2X PURE, L/C must be confirmed by the current 25 top ranking Banks.

Telegraph Transfer (T/T):
Initial Deposit paid as agreed between 2X PURE and the second party by TT, and the rest of the shipment amount will be also transferred by TT against shipping documents plus all documents issued by 2X PURE.

- All payments will be done only after a signed agreement or contract between 2X PURE and the second party.

- Yard visits before and during loading is highly recommended

- Please contact us for any more clarifications or payment method.
2X PURE does not provide any kind of previous B/L or any other documents that is related to our privacy.

                Who We Are:
e are engaged in Recycling and International trading of a big
                range of products that in compass scrap steel such as Heavy
               melting steel , ship plates, rails, beams, and others with a well
              experienced on sourcing from international  markets with our long
              standing based on the types of scrap that our client requires, we
             procure them form relevant sources and we source materials
             depending on the customer's requirements with regard to quality.
Our Way:
             we are led by a team of professionals with an in- depth expertise across
            various levels of trading. The experience and knowledge of our team has
            enabled us in becoming one of the most reputed and trusted name in the
            market in scrap trading worldwide. We have developed our capabilities in
             terms of technology and manpower. Transparency and commitments
             towards our clients and international markets, lead us to expand our
              branches to Thailand on 2005, to Malaysia on 2008, to Liberia  in 2009 
               and to Indonesia in 2010 as inter-connection with Asian markets,

Our Target:
The steel, metal and plastic recycling industry is growing and we are
               growing right along with it, our main target is to build up bridges
                between  markets based on commitments, quality  products,
                 offering quality services and best competitive offers with full
Basic Terms and Conditions:
2X PURE GROUP - Metal & Plastic Recycling & Trading Company

Liberia: (yard) Logan Town, Bushrod Island, Monrovia       Malaysia: Level 20, Menara Standard Chartered 30, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Level 29, Central World 999/9, RAMA ROAD 1, Bangkok 10330     Indonesia: Level 50, Menara BCA Tower, Jakarta
Exporters of HMS 1&2, Scrap steel, Scrap PET and Scrap Metals.